Current Skincare AM/PM Skincare Routines


There are some skincare products that I am very close to finishing and I wanted to empty them by the end of the month. Most of these were either samples or purchases from earlier this year. Coincidentally, I also have new skincare to try out routines have gotten a bit interesting in the sense that they are a curious mix of old and new.

The curious part is that the older skincare are ones I never reached for anymore because I kind of grew out of them and they don't suit my lifestyle and needs at the moment. While the new skincare, I picked them out to suit my current lifestyle and needs. As of posting, I've been on these routines for almost two weeks now and I already have my, um, 'thoughts'. 'Feelings'?


My AM Routine. 


  • Human Nature Moisture Boost Creamy Wash and Hydrating Toner - I really like these. The cleanser is great as a morning cleanser. The toner gives decent hydration. These are very, very affordable for well-formulated local products! While they don't tick all of the boxes for it to be an HG for me, they've definitely earned a spot in my stash. I'll do a separate review on these!


  • Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer -This was sent to me for review a couple of months back and I loved it during the drier months. I nearly emptied it until the weather started getting more humid and this started to feel really sticky and heavy and cloggy. The weather is still humid  so I'm not exactly enjoying using this again as I feel that I just sweat this off along with everything I've put on top of it. I would recommend this for dryer weather and cooler temperatures. PAGASA predicted the weather will start to cool again this month so maybe I'll love this again. 
  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel 2015 - My last bottle of the 2015 Version. I have a couple bottles of the 2017 version I got from Japan waiting after I empty this! It doesn't work well with the Vitamin C Moisturizer underneath though. I know it isn't the Biore's fault.



My PM Routine looks like this right now. In theory, it works. But this particular lineup does not give me the results I want. I want supple, glowy, luminous skin ALL THE TIME. Well, who doesn't?


  • The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil - I haven't found a cleansing oil I love yet but after a few days of using this without problems, I can say that I like it. Will continue using!
  • Derma E Hydrating Night Cream Sample - the sample is big and I've actually started using this more than a week ago. It's just OK for the most part. It can keep my skin moisturized the whole night despite the drying AC air and it doesn't clog my skin. My problem with it is it just doesn't feel nice on. It feels heavy even with the thinnest layer and pills when I accidentally put too much. This definitely not a favorite. I'll finish it because it serves its purpose. I received this as a gift from an event btw.
  • Human Nature Moisture Boost Creamy Wash and Hydrating Toner - Like I mentioned, so far, I really like these. The cleanser is great as a second cleanser in the evenings. The toner definitely grew on me too and I'm most happy with the price. 


  • Derma E Hydrating Serum and Eye Cream - these are almost out and probably won't make it to the end of October. The serum is nice and layers well without problems. It's a very basic hydrating serum. I'm planning on using this in the AM too, instead of the Vitamin C, if that one keeps giving me problems. The eye cream had been in use for the majority of this year. It's hydrating and soothing enough, yes, but it does nothing for under-eye circles or the occasional puffiness. It also just doesn't seem to run out! I'm determined to finish every drop of it though! ❤
  • Andalou Naturals Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask - I've been using this every two-three days (after my second cleanse) since last week, and I'm down to the last few uses. I have to say, I am going to miss this! My face has been so bright lately! With my current routine though, I can't maintain the brightness/glowiness this gives. However, I'll surely miss it for those quick 'glow me up right away' episodes that are inevitable the coming holiday season. Thinking of repurchasing..or maybe a similar product..suggestions?


Already, I am itching to finish the older skincare so I can swap in my other favorites. I really miss my CosRx actives! Also, my mornings and evenings have been kind of blah, with the exception of the thrill of cleansing in the evening with the TBS Camomile...will it remove my mascara? Or won't it? That sort of thing. My other Rose skincare have been haunting me too and seem to be calling out to me from the shelf. Maybe because the pleasure-factor in my routine was lost? It's like I'm in a skincare-limbo and I don't know how to feel. I'm throwing in some face masks to keep my spirits up, and possibly prevent irritations? I don't knoooow! Huhu! Anyhow, I need to get through October and stick to my challenge! Wish me luck!