Mini Review: Leaders Mediu Amino Clearing Mask


Brightening and deeply moisturizing with Vitamin C and Lotus Extract. Treats and prevents minor blemishes.

The material was very thin and saturated with clear essence, which had a light texture and a fresh, slightly herbal scent. The mask fit and adhered to my small face well even of it's a standard sized mask.

Wore this for more than 30minutes before it started drying out, after which I slathered on the remaining essence from the pack on top of the sheet mask. I was able to get another 15 minutes. I patted the essence into my skin after removing the sheet and was left with some slight tackiness, then sealed everything in with my sleeping pack. Because I tend to wear this mask for almost an hour, I like using it before bedtime!

The effects were clear, bright skin that lasted for a few days. The texture of my skin was smoothed out and any minor bumps and pimples healed faster.

This is a nice mask to use when you want immediate and lasting results without going through so many skincare steps. It's also a great 'emergency' mask for when skin is starting to feel troubled or stressed.

This was a repurchase and the last in my stash. Right now I'm trying others but I'll probably get back on these just because I already know it's effective! P.S.This one works a treat when PMS comes along.