October 2017 Empties: Skincare and Makeup


Last October, I made it a point to incorporate all of my skincare and makeup that were running low (with the exception of sheet masks) into my daily skincare and makeup routines..to FINISH THEM OFF!

With skincare, I was more successful and was able to finish off everything I put on my list.

With makeup, the only ones I finished are the ones pictured; save for the Benefit Benetint that seems to last forever but I should probably quit because it's been with me for almost 3 years already!

With sheet masks, the ones I enjoyed the most were the Yadah ones which I reviewed a few days ago. Should I review the rest? They were ok but nothing spectacular or horrible.

Because of my Finish-Off Project, I won't have October Favorites because these were pretty much all I used that month. Looking forward to November. It looks more exciting!