REVIEW: B.LIV Deep Impact Deep Pores Cleansing and Massage Emulsion


“Healthy Pores, Healthy Skin” is skincare company B.Liv’s motto. They are a skincare company that specializes in pore management, offering a range of products that addresses common pore concerns such as blackheads, congested pores, enlarged pores and oily skin. They really do seem to have something for every pore concern. When the B.liv Team reached out and gave me an opportunity to review one of their products, honestly, I was excited! It was more like a nervous anticipation kind of excitement, because pore products are either a hit or a miss. I was sent Deep Impact Deep Pores Cleansing and Massage Emulsion to try.

Deep Impact Deep Pores Cleansing and Massage Emulsion is a creamy exfoliator using Jojoba Beads, which are basically tiny, tiny spheres of Jojoba oil that gently exfoliate the skin as it is being massaged. It gradually dissolves, adding nourishment along with purifying Tea Tree Oil, soothing Aloe Vera Juice. Witch Hazel Extract and Kaolin Clay regulates sebum production and keeps the pores clear. I was advised to use the massage emulsion 2-3 times a week despite the box saying it’s supposed to be used day and night. The emulsion was to be massaged all over the face and neck until the beads dissolved. I had never tried anything similar to how Deep Impact is used so I was curious.


The product has a runny, creamy consistency and a faint scent of Tea Tree. I didn’t notice the beads until I started massaging my face. I only used this at night as my second cleanser after removing makeup, every two days. The Jojoba beads don’t dissolve right away. I get to massage my skin for about two or three minutes because of this. The massage seems to release or activate the other ingredients in the emulsion. There is a cooling sensation which I suspect comes from the Tea Tree, which makes the massage so relaxing. After the beads have dissolved, I rinsed my face and there was no residue or filmy feeling left by the emulsion. This was a plus because some creamy cleansers can leave a film. After a few uses, I noticed my pores were cleaner around my nose. But my nose! I have to get real here, but I could see my pore clogs lifting and all I had to do was rub them off! Twice, I also used this with a peel off mask to lift off the clogs and blackheads, as well as those little silk cocoon ball scrub thingies. By the way, I haven’t been using my CosRx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid while I was using this, so I know that this is really effective at clearing out the pores by itself! I noticed the lifting around the third time I used this product.


The only thing I disliked about Deep Impact Deep Pores Cleansing and Massage emulsion has nothing to do with the product itself, but with the packaging. The product comes in a sleek, eye-catching, yellow and white tube. The problem is the cap is rounded and easily gets knocked over when it is meant to be stored upright. It doesn’t help that the nozzle dispenses too much product and leaked out when I made the mistake of not closing the cap tightly. I’m sad to report that I spilled some of the product because of this. A nozzle with a silicone ‘Y’ opening would have made dispensing such a product with a runny consistency such as this way easier and less messy. Other than this tiny detail, I love this emulsion and will continue to use it! I see all skin types loving this product! My skin tends to be sensitive but I did not experience any irritation at all while using this product. Of course, I followed the instructions diligently, as it should be, with any exfoliator. It also comes in a decent amount at 50ml which can last about 3 months when used twice a week.

Oh, I need to mention this. If you are sensitive to, or have issues with products containing sulfates and parabens, then this product is not for you. If you don’t mind these ingredients, which in my experience and personal opinion have done nothing to harm me, then this exfoliator is wonderful for what it does! Another note on the beads. As we all know, silica microbeads are now banned because these pollute our oceans. B.Liv uses Jojoba Beads which are perfectly spherical, making them more gentle and also since they are natural, less likely to pollute the environment.


B.Liv ships worldwide and you can purchase their products here. They also carry anti-aging, hydrating and soothing skincare lines which I personally haven’t tried yet. The Deep Impact Deep Pores Cleansing Massage Emulsion regularly retails for $25USD but it’s currently 50% OFF at the B.Liv Website!

Overall, I’m very impressed with this product and so grateful to B.Liv for giving me this opportunity! It’s rare that I get on with exfoliators because my sensitive skin can easily get over-exfoliated and red, but this one is gentle enough on me yet strong enough to deep cleanse and get rid of pesky blackheads. Not sure about others’ experience with Deep Impact but I’m assuming it’s overwhelmingly positive!