Review: Jason Soothing 98% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

Living in the tropics, most of us aren’t strangers to aloe vera. Most of us probably grew up with the plant adorning our gardens or potted inside our homes. A lot of us probably had the experience of getting a scratch and an older person would promptly break off a leaf from the plant and rub the gel on the scratch. I know I did.

Now that I’m all grown up and reading into all sorts of botanical ingredients, I have come upon aloe vera’s many benefits for the body. It is nourishing, healing and cleansing and all sorts of useful. It really is a medicinal type of plant. It can be applied topically or ingested depending on your needs. Aloe Vera is also very sustainable to grow and easy to produce which is why a lot of beauty companies use the plant’s extract in their products and even produce specific aloe vera products.

Because this is a beauty blog, here are some benefits of aloe vera for cosmetic use:

·         Soothes the skin

·         Prevents and helps heal acne

·         Strengthens hair when applied to the scalp, preventing hair loss

·         Makes hair grow faster

·         Lightens acne scars

·         Prevents wrinkles


Now, there are a LOT of aloe vera skincare products on the market and you can choose whatever you prefer. Aloe vera products are not particularly expensive too. There are differences in how they are produced and formulated though. A lot of these products are marketed as having aloe vera, but in reality, very little of the extracts are actually in the ingredients, robbing you of all those good benefits. And, even if the product is aloe vera based, the production process it went through also determines its effectiveness. Usually, mass produced products are cheaper, but the extracts used are refined and have sadly lost most of its potent essences. So, you actually got ripped off in a way, especially if you have an actual aloe vera plant in your garden anyway, which you can just d.i.y. into your own fresh product at no cost to you.

But, if you must buy an aloe vera product, please let it be IASC Certified. IASC stands for the International Aloe Science Council, an organization that certifies that the aloe vera in a product contains the true amount of pure, unadulterated, properly sourced aloe vera that is also produced in certified facilities; ensuring that you get all those nice benefits. For more information, you can visit the IASC Site here.

Who knew that little garden plant has so much value, right? Now, here is my review an aloe vera gel sent to me to try. I don’t really use aloe vera  but I gave this a good try-out! On to my review!

What: Jason Soothing 98% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel


Why: AISC Certified 98% Pure Aloe Vera Gel


Where: Healthy Options Stores


Price: Php 425.00


How to Use: Apply on dry skin after cleansing or shaving.


When: I used this after shaving my legs and on my body after baths.


Benefits: Soothing, non-sticky hydration for the skin.


While I didn’t let this anywhere near my face, I must say, it really does soothe skin after a shave. I shave my legs daily. Yes, I‘m a hairy person, ok! And I hate it when the weather is hot and my legs sweat after just shaving because it gets so itchy and uncomfortable even if my legs are smooth. When I started using the Jason Aloe Vera Gel, I noticed my legs are always comfortable and any nicks I might have had would heal right up. I tried it on the rest of my body too and yes, silky smooth skin all over. But, it really made the most difference on my legs. My knees and shins are looking well moisturized too. The problem with shaving is it dries the skin so the gel was a big help. What I don’t like is the smell though. It smells…well…natural. Not that I prefer fragranced products. This just smells like aloe vera. This is very good, benefit-wise, of course. I guess it’s just me because I hardly love the smell of aloe vera at all anyway. I will keep using this though, but just on the legs after shaving, because for me, it’s very good for that purpose. And I do know that a lot of other people love this stuff because it’s always sold out! So, don’t just take it from me, try this one out when you get a hold of it!

Get it if ...

 love aloe vera

         …you like affordable but reliable skincare

         …you have sensitive skin

         …you want to use mindful and natural products

         …you’re looking for a non-sticky moisturizer

         …you shave regularly


Have a great day ahead!



*This is a sponsored post. All the reviews and opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with the products. I am not a professional or an aesthetician. All the opinions on this post are based on my personal research. As with trying out any new product, do a skin test first. Everybody’s skin is different. My results might not necessarily be the same as yours. I hope it turns out well for you though! *