Monday Today 062617


Monday Today is a series about what Monday feels like , looks like, what it's about and some other random stuff.



In one of life's spur of the moment scenarios, I sort had some photography lessons today offered by one of our dear friends. I hope this explains my posting this so late in the day. I learned so much from the generous opportunity; both behind and in front of the camera. 

Among the important things I learned was the importance of lighting. While I already had an idea of this, it was certainly fun to learn some tricks on how to manipulate the lighting and working with the available equipment. My head is already swirling with ideas of how I could replicate at least - close to the same effects at home, having zero equipment whatsoever. I should also probably get a legit camera or a new phone with a better camera or something. At the end of the day, I still need to be practical, investment-wise.

The most challenging point of my day was being in front of the camera. Now, I didn't expect how different it was from taking a selfie or having my photograph taken at a wedding for something. Deliberately angling my face and even my body to highlight a makeup look without seeing what I might look like was completely...whoa! (O.O) So hard! I got so conscious of myself and couldn't get comfortable, haha! Toward the end it was getting easier, but I still can't say to myself that I nailed it. Some shots turned out beautiful though. Just a few. They are still very far away from being 'me'. Want to see some? 

Other things I took note of: Dehydration definitely shows! I'm totally guilty of not guzzling at least 8 glasses a day and it shows in the pictures! Also, don't forget to put a smoothing primer. Do not! Every bump and crevice is brought forward! 

Still, I was very happy to learn so much today and I'm excited to learn more. Today's lesson focused more on portraiture. Next time I'd love to learn how to take nicer product shots for my reviews! Who knows, maybe I'll eventually gather the confidence to create videos!


Hope you had a great day too!