Skincare Update: Mid-Year Skin Reset


Happily, I have had my best skin year yet! I had continued to take sun protection seriously and religiously so to speak, I cut dairy out of my daily life and limited my sodium and sugar intake. While I practiced the latter due to other health concerns and not specifically for my skin, I reaped the very good benefits in that area. It was a gradual full-body detox and I'm still (WE, because I've included my whole family) enjoying the skin benefits among other health benefits. Less rashes and dry skin overall.

In my detox journey, I learned that sugar apparently dehydrates the skin, while sodium retains it. Consuming large amounts of both prevents the body from processing it properly. High levels of sugar have been proven to contribute to acne and oily skin because the skin is left dehydrated, and sends signals to oil glands to over-produce sebum to overcompensate for the moisture loss, making it susceptible to acne-causing bacteria. On the other hand, too much of salt/sodium in the diet causes the body to retain too much water, which leads to poor blood circulation, while leaving the skin with a bloated appearance. With sensitive skin (genetic), these are all helpful, but we are still susceptible to environmental triggers.

My quest for glowing skin is real. I'm aiming for a healthy glow. I don't mind skin ageing, but I would like to have a healthy glow to accompany my inevitable wrinkles and creases. Having sensitive skin limits the products I can use to achieve this, though. I have to be aware and alert if a product or ingredient causes sensitivities or damage right away. Even the weather, as I keep mentioning, is a very real problem.

These are personally the main concerns I have for my skin:

Pollen season = hives/rashes. Itchy, red skin. 

Humidity = dehydrated skin. Fine lines come out.

Too much Salty Food = bloated or puffy looking face.

Too much Sweet Food = dry cheeks, oily t-zone but dehydrated. Fine lines appear.

Dairy = oily skin all over face. Breakouts. 

While I don't have a closet full of skincare products at my disposal, I am a practical skincare addict, if there ever was such a thing; I try to use only what is necessary to avoid sensitizing my skin. However, I really enjoy trying out new products! I try to make sure the ones I try are specific to what I actually need and want to achieve. 

This mid-year skin-reset I'm talking about means that it's time to adjust my entire routine to suit the changes in my skin in the changing season. Monsoon season is officially upon us, here in the PH. Humid weather coupled with daily rain showers make for an uncomfortable experience especially when you have seasonal allergies. This time of year is particularly pollen-full (is that a word?). So if you refer to my list above, you'll know my current skin problems are hives and rashes and dehydration. 

Since hitting 30, of course I have some anti-ageing concerns I would like to nip in the bud. There are A LOT of anti-ageing products out there that tout themselves the very best but I have to be careful of them.  Skin sensitivity to a particular ingredient/formulations have been a problem for me before. I learned to switch up my skincare products depending on the specific need for the day/season. The challenge this year is how to incorporate anti-aging thingies into my basic routine. These are just some of the reasons I take my mid-year skin reset very seriously and extra carefully.

This has already been a long rambling of a post and all I want you to do is to come along with me on my skincare skincare edit, which I will be publishing in a series. I'll be posting how I am curating my routine for the next seasons, product reviews as well as informative skincare and skin-health related articles. Skin-obsessed or not, I'm sure everyone wants to have good skin!


Have a great day ahead!