Reliable Skincare for Sensitive Skin: Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair


If you're riding the K-Beauty wave and searching for Korean Skincare specifically formulated for sensitive skin without sacrificing that oh-so fun Korean aesthetic, might I suggest trying out The Face Shop's cosmeceutical collection of Dr. Belmeur products?

Dr. Belmeur is The Face Shop's offering for us who have delicate skin. It especially came in handy when I was having sensitized skin too! The brand uses botanical extracts and Korean traditional formulations, and blends these with the latest innovations skincare science.  Their rendering of the Dr. Belmeur line was very refreshing to me. Korean brands are know to package and market their products in cutesy, fun and sometimes fantastical designs, but Dr. Belmeur comes off as elegantly clinical yet approachable, practical but eye-catching nonetheless. The curated products are also well streamlined for two types of sensitive/sensitized skin. Skins that are dehydrated, dry, reddened easily and prone to rashes will benefit from the Daily Repair line; while skins that are oily, clog-prone and acne-prone will find relief with the Clarifying line.



What I am reviewing today is my experience with the Daily Repair line. All the geeky stuff like ingredients and applications to follow! For now, please allow me to share these, which have been a big part of my skincare routines lately. If the photos are a giveaway, then you see that I loved the samples so much that I already bought two full-sized products from the line! To be completely honest with you, I am going to slowly but surely complete my full size collection of these. Here's why:

1. These are great basic hydrating products that can soothe and repair sensitized skin. They are a good fall back to have around in case of skin emergencies! 

2. These layer well with other skincare products without feeling heavy. A lot of moisturizers that target skin-barrier repair are thick or sticky. The textures of all of the products I've tried from the Daily Repair Line have been deeply hydrating, lightweight and easily absorbed. They do not interfere with the effectiveness of the other more potent skincare and actives in my routine. These are not anti-aging, firming or brightening but they complement products with such characteristics, and I believe, can help protect my skin from irritation if another ingredient from a different product is too harsh.

The story behind me discovering Dr. Belmeur is pretty generic. I was just given a small packet-full of samples from the Daily Repair Line to try after purchasing some other item from The Face Shop. I had noticed the display at the store and was already attracted to it so I was very excited to try those samples. So far, I loved everything and bought the moisturizer first and the toner. 


    If there is anything I can recommend for you to do today, it's that you go to your nearest The Face Shop store and try out the Dr. Belmeur products. TFS has always been very generous with samples and testers, and their staff are the friendliest! 

    Just so we're clear, I purchased the full sized items myself after loving the free samples given to me. I am not affiliated with The Face Shop, but I hope they reach out! I love their products! I'm just another skincare enthusiast sharing her finds and adventures! If you do get to try Dr. Belmeur, let me know. I'd love to know your experience with them!



    Have a great day ahead!