When Your Body Starts to Quit On You When You Don't Want It To Just Yet

Hyperthyroidism. Polycistic Ovaries. Hormonal Imbalances. Going to the Endocrinologist. My life lately. A swirl of uncertainty, anxiety and fatigue. I don't know if the stress is causing the symptoms or if the symptoms are causing the stress. 


I'll not get into specific details about my disorders (sad). Just a brief overview of  the symptoms I've been experiencing. 

For the hyperthyroidism, I'm lucky I am not starting to develop a goiter, although it is common. I was told my condition was mild/borderline healthy..but the symptoms! I have heart palpitations and trembling hands, night sweats, cold sweats, sleep apnea, mind fog a.k.a. forgetfulness. The worst is the fatigue which I can't seem to get over. One day I'm all energized somewhat, then flat down with heavy muscles the next! Then anxiety starts, which is also a symptom. Normally, I like being super productive. I used to be literally on the move all the time. You'll rarely catch me sitting down. Not so, nowadays. Considering the doctor says these were mild, I can only imagine the everyday life of those with severe symptoms. My gosh. Respect.

For the PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) symptoms, here goes. I have a string of cysts surrounding my right ovary, making it enlarged, luckily my lower tum is not protruding but there has been pain before treatment. I suffered abnormal menstrual cycles with either an excess of blood (sorry) or non-existent periods. I only experienced this the past 2 years and attributed it to stress. But this year was the year of intense mood swings, the kind that made me wonder if I was suffering a mental disorder. Turns out, I was, somewhat, because crazy mood swings are a symptom of PCOS. 


Great. Now what? 


I never realized until now that my beloved kale was SO goitrogenic :(

I never realized until now that my beloved kale was SO goitrogenic :(

How I'm Dealing with It


Being that the diagnosis is fairly recent, just been a month, I am currently under doctors' observation and I'll undergo tests every few months to determine if the condition is worsening and to determine what treatment will work best. All I'm doing for now is taking birth control pills (for the PCOS). We still don't know if the hormone imbalance from the thyroid problem is what caused the PCOS in the first place. For six months that's all I'm prescribed. Its supposed to normalize the function of the ovaries and tone it down.

Another is that I was instructed to lay off the goitrogenic food. Goodbye kale, arugula and broccoli! And also, it still hurts my heart...I gotta quit dairy and soy, which make up most of my favorite food! I can't imagine a life without cheese! The science behind this is that dairy and soy are the type of food that are full of hormones. Now, for someone already suffering from wild hormones, an additional dose of the bad boys just wreak havoc. I hate to admit, but the first week I cut out dairy, my skin cleared up. I removed soy from my diet and I had less mood swings. I really felt the impact of removing these foods made on my body and mind.

Ironically, in my journey of eating better, I was actually killing myself slowly. I had been eating all of those nice green veggies and drinking all of those milk and yogurt for calcium, ignoring the side effects of acne, bloating and crankiness..it really irritates me to know end knowing that I somehow did this to myself in my ignorance and well-meaning.

So, what I would like to do now, on my own, with all these experiences in consideration; I would like to go to a legit nutritionist. Sure, for now I am doing research on what else is good for me and what's not. But with the fatigue and the uncertainty (hey anxiety!), I would like to do something that is "for sure". I want to get over the debilitating fatigue and sleepiness, the mind fog and the sleep problems through a balanced diet with guidance from a professional. I don't want to just 'wing it' anymore. I want to get back to sports! I've got places to go to yet! I want to be productive again!


Right now it seems a long, long way away. Sorry for being melodramatic, but please understand, I'm going through a major lifestyle shift. It affects everything I am...being a mom, a wife, a designer, a life enthusiast...which is why I am making a conscious effort of developing all of my dormant skills that don't take up too much energy..

...such as writing.