Time to Heal : Beginning my Journey with Yoga

A lot of things have changed with my body since last year when I found out I had PCOS and leaning towards hyperthyroidism. I have since changed my diet to an anti-inflammatory diet, tried my best to avoid all hormone disrupting food and products and quit marathon training. I avoided stress and stressful situations however I can and now after almost six months after my diagnosis, I can finally say that I want to start getting into fitness again.

 I used to run, bike and swim with my triathlete husband before, although I never came nowhere near the same level of endurance he has (which I now know was because of my condition). Circuit and yoga were my cross training. Then I had to reset my body to allow it to heal on its own. I did not want to go under complete medication for the thyroid and hormone problems because I didn't want my body to lose the capacity to heal itself. This was all well since my doctors advised me to make a lifestyle change instead of going on medication too.

Now, I need to start really slow and easy.  

 When Yoga + Express Nuvali (@yogaplusexpress.nuvali) put up a 30 day yoga challenge on Instagram last week starting March 1, I jumped at the chance! Here was a studio not 10 minutes from where I live, with a challenge I felt confident enough that I could do in my current state of health. I wasn't going to pass it up so I signed on right away and took my first class that same day with the gentlest yoga practice, Yin.

Yin yoga, is the best practice for body recovery. It opens/loosens the fascia, the lining that envelopes our whole body apart from our skin, making us stronger and releases stress and toxins from the body. This was perfect for me. I was so excited and enjoyed my first class thoroughly. My second class brought so much joy and sense of accomplishment back, a feeling of achievement and appreciation for my body I had not felt in months.

I plan to document my 30 day journey here and on Instagram. But first I want to set my intention for this new journey toward healing I'll be undertaking. I want to explore and challenge the limits of my body and mind as it is now through a new perspective, one where I want to be less conscious of myself in my surroundings and focus on my body doing its job. I want to be able to start incorporating meditation as well, which I did not do before when I was practicing yoga, but now I feel it is essential. 

 Lastly and most importantly, I want to find myself stronger again after 30 days! Excited for this!