People Say A Lot So, Watch What They Do


Have you ever had somebody, maybe an acquaintance or even somebody close to you, not be true to what they say? Maybe at first you didn't notice anything amiss. This person looks and sounds credible enough to believe in and count on. But then, whenever crunch time arrives, and almost always the time you need to count on this person to deliver, he or she somehow does something not quite the same as what they've led you to believe before. Hmmm...a lot of people are like that actually. So I'm sure this sounds familiar to you as well.


I don't know why this is. I don't know why some people want to portray themselves as being more than they're not. I'm not saying the "fake it 'til ya make it" kind. Its more of what they are saying. What these people say about themselves to appear credible and trustworthy or to appear friendly even if they are not.

I always wanted to believe in the best in people. I used to. Now, its just not practical anymore. Some people will use you for their own gain. Some peole will talk behind your back.  

What I've learned from all those people is to watch what they do and how they do things. I've learned, in getting to know people, that integrity shows in naturally well-meaning people. 

It's sad how integrity is one of the values most people boast about, but it is the least practiced nowadays.