Saying the Right Words Even When Your Mind Is About to Commit Murder

It is a VERY difficult thing for most people to shut up when they are angry. I myself am very prone to saying things I shouldn't. Of course, there is nothing to be done for the person who hates you in the first place; nothing you say or do will win the approval of this kind of individual. Just save your time and disengage. But I would still like to share this because everybody's story is different and how we all handle our shortcomings is unique to ourselves.

There is really a lot to admire in cool-headed people. They automatically filter out negative connotations and focus on the point, hence eliminating the need for a violent reaction. Just amazing. We can be like that too, apparently. It just costs a lifetime of self reflection and personal improvement, but achievable and if I may say, rewarding. Now, the only thing left is to decide if we want to let our natural wild self run free and babble on or do we choose to fold ourselves inwardly to produce a quiet but pretty picture. Just like Origami.

It will be very difficult for me to teach you how to origami your mind. I am not a guru. But here are some things that have helped me a lot through bad days, even when I still did not end up with the perfect creation.

1. Literally bite your tongue until the moment passes. (Looking away, scrolling through Pinterest, walking out have also helped greatly.)

2. If the offender persists, do not engage at the exact same moment. Allow the offender to first make a fool of themselves. Telling them off will be sweeter after their foolishness is established.

3. While the offender is establishing the foolishness, use this time to pick your wise words. Keep things short as possible.

4. Say the words with an unaffected smile. And done!


This works because it is always better for you if the other person doesn't know what you are gonna do to them. The suspense of inevitability will kill them inside. Um, it may be sick, but it seems like the passive aggressive stance does the most damage. That's just my opinion, of course. Makes crazies even more crazy. All this while appearing the calm and cool, educated person you ought to be. 

Remember, humanity is not about going berserk like a wild animal. Being human is about developing yourself into a higher being regardless of your natural instincts. End quote.